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Experts will engage with East Coast primary producers to design a community-led learning program to build drought preparedness and community connection before a drought crisis hits.

By combining long-term climate modelling with improved local weather monitoring and monitoring of subsoil moisture, this project aims to reduce drought risk by giving growers an early warning for reduced pasture growth. Monitoring hardware combined with purpose-designed interfaces and training will allow farmers to proactively manage their risk.

The project will boost drought preparedness and resilience capabilities of horticultural farmers and rural communities engaged in wine grape, almond and citrus production value chains across South Australia, Southern NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania. The Tas hub will establish demonstration sites for wine grapes and lead qualitative data collection and synthesis.

Sensors placed in diverse estuary locations will provide real-time data via Oysters Tasmania's ShellPOINT data portal, allowing growers and ShellMAP staff to easily access temperature, salinity and tide information. Project outputs will increase agility for on-farm decisions and build capability for strategic management and planning.

This project provides growers with accurate weather and soil moisture data for better decision-making. Better data access, combined with long-term climate modelling, will improve growers’ lead times and decision making, enhancing productivity and responses to impending drought conditions.

Our ParTners

The hub is proud to work with a diverse network of over 20 Industry Partners, Delivery Partners and collaborators to build drought and climate resilience through hub activities. Through this network, we span the entire breadth of the Tasmanian agriculture sector and can support farmers, agricultural businesses and communities.
TAS Farm Innovation Hub - Growing Climate Resilient Communities

Funding & AcknowledgmentS

This program received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

The Australian Government is contributing $12.4 million over 4 years through the Future Drought Fund under various grants. Hub partners and the University of Tasmania will provide co-contributions of an amount at least equal to the Australian Government funding over the same period.

We acknowledge the palawa/pakana people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and work. We honour their enduring culture and knowledges as vital to the self-determination, wellbeing and resilience of their communities.

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