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Growing climate resilient communities

Welcome to the hub

The Tasmanian Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub – known as the TAS Farm Innovation Hub – is one of eight established across Australia by the Commonwealth Future Drought Fund.

As our climate changes and becomes more variable, we need to build climate resilience into communities, economies and environments at all scales.

The hub helps Tasmanian farmers, and those who support them, build relationships, access essential information, and build critical skills and knowledge to prepare for drought and climate change.

About the hub

Through the hub, people and organisations in the agriculture industry build knowledge to drive innovation in their businesses, care for land and waterways, and enhance community wellbeing.

Diverse partners and network supporters across a spectrum of values, expertise and experience are working together to increase farmers’ access to knowledge and adoption of practices that ensure financial, social and environmental resilience to climate change and variability.

The hub also seeks to enhance community wellbeing to mitigate the increasing risk of drought and other extreme climatic events.


Our vision

Tasmanian farm businesses and their communities are innovative, resilient, and prepared for the financial, social and environmental opportunities and impacts of climate change and variability.

Our purpose

Enabling innovation through increased access to knowledge and adoption of practice changes that support our vision.

Our approach

The hub brings together researchers, farmers, industry, natural resource managers and traditional owners to co-design and implement relevant and innovative solutions.

Current projects include integrating trees into farm plans to improve resilience to drought,
investigating soil health sensing technologies, supporting drought and climate resilience in Aboriginal farm enterprises, and enabling our Ag innovators of the future.

Priority Themes


Farm planning and

Helping farmers understand their options and develop and implement plans to reduce drought risk, based on locally relevant and accessible data and information.



Contributing to a better understanding of catchment-scale water availability, allocations and demand, and farm-scale issues of reliable access and efficient use of water.



Building knowledge and skills to increase the health of soil, vegetation and waterways, and measuring on-farm natural capital to support drought resilience.



Supporting an improved understanding of changes in climate and using this information to guide drought preparedness (cross-cutting theme).



Building social connections, community leadership and well-being of people and communities (cross cutting theme).

Our reach

The hub’s operations are based in Launceston and Hobart, at campuses of the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture at the University of Tasmania. Working with our partners, we have a presence across Tasmania’s major agricultural regions.

Hub projects are located throughout the state from the Derwent Valley in the south to Flinders Island and King Island in the north.
Statewide Projects

How to get involved

If you are involved in agriculture in Tasmania and would like to discuss the opportunities for and benefits of engaging with the TAS Farm Innovation Hub, contact us at or on (03) 6334 3295.
All projects


The hub has a shopfront in Launceston – we’ve partnered with Rural Business Tasmania to share their office space at 62 York Street, Launceston.

You’re welcome to drop in and see us between 9am and 5pm weekdays or call us on (03) 6334 3295.

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Our ParTners

The hub is proud to work with a diverse network of over 20 Industry Partners, Delivery Partners and collaborators to build drought and climate resilience through hub activities. Through this network, we span the entire breadth of the Tasmanian agriculture sector and can support farmers, agricultural businesses and communities.
TAS Farm Innovation Hub - Growing Climate Resilient Communities

Funding & AcknowledgmentS

This program received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

The Australian Government is contributing $12.4 million over 4 years through the Future Drought Fund under various grants. Hub partners and the University of Tasmania will provide co-contributions of an amount at least equal to the Australian Government funding over the same period.

We acknowledge the palawa/pakana people, the traditional custodians of the land upon which we live and work. We honour their enduring culture and knowledges as vital to the self-determination, wellbeing and resilience of their communities.

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